We, Gayathri Goseva Samithi a registered trust (Reg.No.141 of 2011) and a non-profit organization has been serving cows from September, 2010 by providing the basic requirements like feed, water, shelter & medical facilities to all the cows at The Kurnool District Gosamrakshana Shala near Venkatesh Theatre, Kurnool, which is under the control of The Dy. Commissioner, Endowments, Kurnool.  We have played a major role in increasing the Cows strength from a mere 85 in the year 2010 to today's strength of 600 plus.

Since the space in Old Goshala was limited and the maintenance of the cows was becoming a serious problem, we requested the then Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Endowments to grant a 3 Acres land at Dinnedevara Padu Village, at the outskirts of  Kurnool on National Highway to Bangalore. The Deputy Commissioner Endowments through his letter dated 08.01.2014 has granted us permission to construct and maintain the New Goshala on this Land, wherein we have to pay the Lease Amount, construct and maintain the Goshala.

Accordingly Gayathri Goseva Samithi has constructed New Goshala in the 3 Acres Land granted by the Deputy Commissioner, Endowments Department by incurring approximately Rs.1.20 Crore  (Rupees one crore twenty lakhs only), which is one of the best in the State with the support of Good Hearted Donors.

With an investment of around Rs.1.20 Crore (Rupees one crore twenty lakhs only) we constructed New Goshala and incurred approximately Rs.1.00 Crore (Rupees one crore only) for maintenance of New Goshala from June, 2014 to till date with a monthly expenditure of Rs 6,00,000/- for the maintenance.

Since, the cows strength is increasing in a fast rate and because of prevailing drought from the last two years, fodder rate has shot-up too high.  In order to meet the expenditure of the New Goshala we have been approaching all known donors and service organisations in this regard.   We request you to kindly donate for this divine cause.

T.S.Vijaya Kumar

Honarable Chairman

Cell: +919440291115

D.Jagadish Gupta


Cell: +919010171819

Elluru Laxmaih

General Secretary

Cell: +919440294419

Y.Hari Prasad